Water cooling system solution

The scope of application of closed cooling tower


The waste heat generated in the process of industrial production or refrigeration, usually by cooling water to take the lead. Closed cooling tower is the role of the cooling water with heat of heat exchange in the tower and air, the heat transfer to the air and scattered into the atmosphere.

For example: thermal power plant boiler, heating water into steam that drives a steam turbine. The generator power generation, waste steam discharged into the condenser for power by steam turbine, the heat exchange is condensed into water and cooling water, then pump back to the boiler cycle. Waste heat in the process of the steam to the cooling water, the water temperature, cooling water flow of waste heat in closed cooling tower, heat transfer to the air from the air duct into the atmosphere at the environment. Scope of application: mainly used in air conditioning cooling tower cooling system, refrigeration series, injection molding, foam, leather, aluminum processing power, steam turbine, air compressor, cooling water, industrial and other fields, the most widely used for air conditioning cooling and refrigeration, plastic chemical industry.

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